NI Bureau & Embassy of Ireland Blooms Day Celebration 2021.

2022 marks the 100 year anniversary of the publication of James Joyce’s Ulysses. The Northern Ireland Bureau China and the Irish Embassy Beijing co-hosted an Irish Literature event to celebrate the Bloom’s Day in June 2021. Kiera Lloyd, the Northern Ireland representative in China, Ann Derwin, Irish ambassador to China, Professor CHEN Li, deputy director of the Irish Study Centre at Beijing Foreign Languages University, PENG Lun, editor, participated in the event, and Jan Carson, Northern Irish novelist, together with YAN Ge, Chinese novelist, joined from online.






We have the event recorded and translated into Chinese for all Chinese audience who are interested in Irish literature to relive the Bloom’s ‘night’.


Speech 1: Kiera Lloyd

Speech 2: Ann Derwin

Speech 3: CHEN Li

Speech 4: PENG Lun

Speech 5: YAN Ge

Speech 6: Jan Carson


Q&A 1

Q&A 2

Q&A 3

Q&A 4

Q&A 5

Q&A 6

Q&A 7


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NI Bureau & Embassy of Ireland Blooms Day Celebration 2021.


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